What Can You Do To Prevent Ice Dams?

First and foremost you need to recognize that proper ventilation and insulation is the key(see picture on right). If we are talking about a loft area then typically this implies that the insulation should run up the walls of your house then over the loft floor joists forming a perfect insulation envelope. In the loft scenario, just the floor of the attic should be insulated, not the bottom of the New York roofing!

Good ventilation is also required. Outside air has to be able to enter the loft so that the attic temperature is just like the temperatures outside. You achieve this ventilation through the use of gable vents, soffit vents, and a commercial roofing NYC ridge vent.

New York Roofing

In roofing contractor NYC systems with attic areas below them, it is fairly straight forward to get a contractor that knows what they’re doing to correct any problems as far as proper ventilation and insulation. But, roofing contractors NYC systems with a cathedral ceiling beneath them that have these issues are a lot more of a job to correct, but they can be corrected.

In order to have a properly ventilated and insulated cathedral ceiling, the contractor should install baffles within each rafter bay before installing the insulation. These roofers New York allow air to flow through the soffit vents as well as the ridge port that keeps the underside of the roofing companies NYC the exact same temperature as outside. If those baffles are not installed in your cathedral ceiling then the NYC roofing contractors will have to remove the existing sheetrock and insulation out of the ceiling so as to properly ventilate the region. This sort of project will be costlier than an attic undertaking.

In addition to this ice dam difficulty, if your loft is warmer than the outside temperature you are also wasting plenty of cash heating that distance. So basically you are paying additional money on your heating bill for the privilege of growing nice big ice dams and icicles that cause roofing company NYC leaks and ruin your New York roofers. Kind of makes it even worse when you consider it that way doesn’t it?

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