Questions Men Have About Sex Addiction

1. Question: Am I a sex addict?

Answer: There are a number of red flags that can signal an addiction to sex. Someone who uses sex act be it trauma therapy, viewing pornography, phone sex, chat rooms, prostitution or masturbation as a numbing agent, some thing to stop them from feeling bad, may have sex addiction therapy NYC. Other signs that the sexual behavior is the reason for the enthusiast problems include their spouse becoming upset over their behavior or they’ve become debt over payment for phone sex lines or Internet porn sites. Spending an excessive period of time viewing pornography Over 10 hours every week is another red flag because this trauma therapist NYC is interfering with time spent with friends, family or at work.

Another key factor is that the addict has tried to quit engaging in trauma therapists NYC but failed. When all these things come together, it’s time to ask a professional about getting aid.

trauma therapy

2. Question: Can I be treated?

Response: Many sex addicts have already been able to deliver their trauma psychologist NYC under control, through any one of many different treatment methods. Some attend intensive rehab facilities; others proceed to therapy sessions, attend 12 step meetings or utilize medication and a multitude of other techniques to control their porn addiction treatment. This can include finding a trusted person to act as an “accountability partner.” Or for porn addicts, it may indicate the use of pornography blocking computer apps.

3. Question: Why does being cured mean that I give up sex?

Answer: No. Unlike chemical dependencies related to alcohol or drugs, sex is known as a healthy aspect of life. Treatment for sex addiction treatment NY, while it does demand a period of abstinence, seeks to attract harmful and undesirable troublesome intercourse under control to where it’s no longer causing harm. It might lead to stopping viewing pornography, discontinuing solicitation of prostitutes and other “bottom line” behaviors or even illegal activities. The objective is stopping destructive behavior, but certainly sex addiction therapy.

4. Question: Is sex addiction treatment actual, or merely something people use to excuse their behavior?

Response: Truth be told, there are some experts who don’t believe sex addiction is real and say it is more a product of contradictory social norms and mores. Other say sex addiction treatment NYC exists but don’t feel it meets the definition of an addiction in precisely the identical way addiction to drugs or alcohol does. For sex addiction treatment looking for treatment, it may be a moot point. To get treatment, first one must recognize they have a problem and stop trying to use their willpower alone to restrain it. Lots of individuals have sought treatment for sex addiction therapist and reported results. A lot of the criticism about its validity has been aimed at celebrities embroiled in people sexual scandals and is hardly analogous to the average person not residing from the public eye. Sex addiction is real and one struggling with unwanted sexual anorexia behaviors can attest to that truth.

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